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English: American Culture in TV

Watch TV & Learn!

Service Description

This weekly class is a practice in watching a television series and learning about the cultural choices these characters make. Along with learning about culture, we will be paying attention to new vocabulary, different ways to use words, sarcasm, hyperbole, saying one thing and meaning another, idioms, syntax and accents. Each class period will be provided with a worksheet to follow along with that includes vocabulary and critical thinking prompts. Since many students will be at different levels, the class will be flexible towards teaching the skills necessary to identify literature, and then have each student create reports to share with the class on what they learned. The sharing can include many aspects, from cultural specific phrases or idioms, to new words they didn't know about before. This class will function in helping the students find literature they like, help them adjust the difficulty levels of that literature, and create an environment where they can share what they learn in a productive and analytical way. This is a methodical course aimed at young adults up to and including older adults.

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