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Private Voice Lessons - Victor Soria

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Teachers are grounded in healthy vocal techniques and varied expertise in a multitude of genres from Rock and Pop to Opera and Jazz.

Styles vary from amplified and classical vocal techniques for all levels of voice students.

During these 45-min Lessons, students will prepare 2-4 songs in whatever genres they are interested in with the help and assistance of a vocal teacher who will help them grow into healthy vocal habits that will free their technique for flexibility and versatility.

Please let us know when you register what styles you are particularly interested. We do offer trial sessions to find the best personalized approach for each student.

Supplemental Group Workshops are available where students can perform in front of their peers in a constructive and uplifting environment. Twice a year students are invited to perform in recital.

Private Voice Lessons - Victor Soria

Victor Soria

Voice and Movement Instructor

A Native Angelino, he has studied a variety of vocal genres and techniques. His credentials include a Masters and Bachelors in Music for Vocal Performance.

Victor's experiences include, but are not limited to:
Opera: Baroque to Contemporary
Vocal Jazz
Musical Theatre: Vaudeville to Contemporary
Alternative Rock/Pop Music

Along with the knowledge of these vocal genres and techniques, he is an avid linguist with knowledge of pronunciation and diction for a range of Languages. He strives to maintain that no language or skillset should be a barrier for music that any students would like to learn and perform.

Studies and sessions with this focus of multiple languages can and may also include lessons in pronunciation, interpretation, pragmatics, and syntax.

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