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Our Team


Cesar Soria

Executive Director

With years of experience in management and operations, he oversees the organization's strategic vision.

Wesley Moran

Digital Content Specialist - Social Media & Creation

An active stage and film artist, he creates digital assets and cultivates online community connections.


Victor Soria

Artistic Director

A scholar of the arts, music, and languages, he plans and oversees programming and marketing strategies.

Vanessa Quintanilla

Gallery Attendant / Program Assistant

Assists with multilingual and intercultural program needs and research while facilitating visitor engagement.



March 16th (Instagram Post) (3).png

We are excited to announce our upcoming Spring Art Reception!

These artists will be joining our gallery for the spring art season. We are excited to highlight the surrealist designs of Freddy Negrete, explore the color and world building of SKILLITART, as well as the exciting motion and depth captured by photographer Gabriel Rios

Snacks, music, and more will be served, discussion of art shall be had and a fun night to explore reality bending views!

Hello Springtime!

As we get ready for the upcoming season of Spring, in celebration, we are hosting our first Art Competition.

This competition will take into consideration differing skill and experience levels and welcomes all to participate. Our two round process is exciting with a panel of experts as well as a public voting period.

Create a art piece today for a chance to showcase it in out Gallery! What inspires you about Spring?

doma gallery.png


From art gallery showings to rock musicals, DOMA Arts Complex serves the arts community and provides artists a platform to showcase and uplift their talents and their art.

For more information on the amenities and options, please feel free to contact us or come check out the spaces before renting through our rental process. On the adjacent web pages, you will find more detailed information concerning any spaces you are interested in.

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