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Name of the Arts Complex

Want to join our seasonal residency program and showcase your creativity and artwork at DOMA?

Apply today on the online form



Starting July 23, we are happy to offer our first series of courses at the complex. 

These ESL classes for adults and young adults are designed to create a foundation for learning English in similar way that children learn their first language. The curriculum is also flexibly designed for multiple levels with different difficulties designed for learners at every level. 

Our current teaching staff is credentialed in T.E.S.O.L. and educated in Linguistics. All learners are welcome and all classes are interactive and comprehensive.



From art gallery showings to rock musicals, DOMA Arts Complex serves the arts community and provides artists a platform to showcase and uplift their talents and their art.

For more information on the amenities and options, please feel free to contact us or come check out the spaces before renting through our rental process. On the adjacent web pages, you will find more detailed information concerning any spaces you are interested in.

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